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    Every day, thousands of people from all over the world make the decision that they would like to start earning money from the internet.

    Whilst the specific reason that people decide to try their hand at making money online is not especially relevant, there are some common features that people who decide to become involved in online business exhibit.

    Not surprisingly, for the vast majority of people who decide that this seems like a good idea, it is also a very new idea.

    In other words, the people that we are talking about tend to have no established ‘bricks and mortar’ real-world business of their own. In effect, they want to earn money but have no way of doing so as yet.

    Moreover, to most of these people, the idea that that you can earn money from the internet is a new concept that they had probably never considered before. The majority of new online entrepreneurs have no product or service of their own to sell. They are also likely to have very little money available to fund their new online business venture.

    It is for these reasons that most people who approach online marketing for the first time will start their online money making adventure using affiliate marketing as their method of choice.

    This is not to say, however, that it is only beginners who are trying to make money from affiliate marketing. There are some extremely experienced marketers who focus all of their efforts on affiliate marketing, and are very successful at doing so. These people are regular six-figure income earners and every single cent of their income is derived from affiliate marketing.

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