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Recipes in Urdu, Pakistani Recipes in Urdu, Chinese Recipes in Urdu.
Wao, In this application you can find hundreds of Recipes in Urdu very special and very tasty. You can navigate through the Application Very easily. Interface of this App is very easy and nice looking. Its a Large collection of Pakistani Recipes in Urdu, also contains some Indian Recipes. Each Category of Recipes of Cooking Contains some Delicious Hindi Recipes. Its like an awesome book of Desi Recipes of Cooking. Also contains Some Hindi Recipes.
Enjoy Khana, Khana, Mazzedar Khana.

Khana Pakana is very easy and asaan with this app, because with this app khana asan pakana asan.

You will have hundreds of Recipes, Some listed are

Beef --- بیف

Chicken --- چکن

Chinese --- چانیز

Eggs ---- انڈے

Mutton --- مٹن

Nan, Rote --- ان،روٹی،وغیرہ

Rice ---- چاول

Soups ---- سوپ

Vegetables ----- سبزیاں

Fish Dishes

and many More

There some unique features in Urdu Recipe app, these include

** You can Mark Favorite any Recipe to check it later.

** You can search from all recipe database, by Ingredients, Recipe Name,

** Frequent Updates

** More Recipes on the way!

Upcoming Features

-- A lot of New Recipes are going to be added
-- Recipe Videos of different chefs

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