Renegade Cardio Info



Traditional forms of cardio suck.
Unless you like getting small and weak or being riddled with overuse injuries, that is.

Each Renegade Cardio finisher takes ten minutes or less and burns three times more fat than regular cardio.

In that case it’s great.

But the reality is that traditional cardio offers very little in the way of positive benefits.

The most ripped physiques in the world, like those of NFL wide receivers or UFC fighters, are built with high intensity conditioning; not traditional cardio. Those guys can’t afford to lose muscle or drain their power production.

They need to be jacked and explosive at all times.

That’s why their training incorporates stuff like:

Battling ropes
Bodyweight circuits
Sledgehammer swings
Jump rope
Heavy bag work
Sled pushing
Strongman exercises

That’s the kind of training that gives you “the look.” It also gives you the stamina of a world champion fighter.