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Reptiles Reference is a pocket size guide of some of the most amazing reptiles in the world. Featuring high quality photos, interesting facts, and scientific data that will help you learn and understand how each of these reptiles live in their natural environment.

Included in this amazing animal kingdom guide is the following reptiles:

Aldabra Giant Tortoise, Alligator, Bearded Dragon, Caiman, Caiman Lizard, Chameleon, Crocodile, Desert Tortoise, Frilled Lizard, Galapagos Tortoise, Gecko, Gharial, Gila Monster, Glass Lizard, Iguana, Indian Star Tortoise, Komodo Dragon, Leaf-Tailed Gecko, Leopard Tortoise, Lizard, Sea Turtle, Slow Worm, Thorny Devil, Tuatara, Water Dragon

Lifetime updates are included, with new reptiles to be added on a monthly basis.

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