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    "Revenge and Redemption is an old premise with several interesting twists. Penny isn't a stick model, but a real life woman with lots of curves. That was the best part of the story for me, making it more real and believable. While Luke is a handsome, rich man he wants a real woman not someone who is all bone just after his fortune." --Romance Book Scene (5 hearts)
    How far will one man go to avenge his sister, his last remaining family?
    Luke Hardcastle is a man on a mission. No one hurts his little sister and gets away with it. No matter how small the role she played might have been. Penny Royale helped her aunt destroy Luke's sister, and now she will help him destroy her aunt...or he'll destroy her instead.
    How far will one woman go to protect her new found freedom, and her inexperienced heart?
    Finally free of her domineering aunt, Penny Royale knows peace of mind for the first time. And she'll do anything to protect that peace. Even submit to blackmail. But when being blackmailed means pretending to be the mistress of the tall, dark and wickedly sexy Luke Hardcastle, the man she's loved from afar for so long, how will she ever survive when his lust for vengeance is satisfied...and he no longer needs her?

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