Rhetoric and Composition Study



You will use it from high school to college and beyond.

Intended for everyone interested in improving their writing and presentation skills, particularly high school and college students.


An essentialguide for students struggling to improve their writing skills.
Clear and concise explanations - no "textbook language" or jargon.
Difficult concepts are explained in simple terms.
Includes: writing samples, Writer's Handbook, best techniques for oral presentation, and many more topics.
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Table of Contents

Stages of Writing: What is Rhetoric | Planning and Prewriting | Collaborating | Researching | Drafting | Editing | Reviewing | Revising | Publishing

Writing Applications: Analyzing Assignments | Description | Narration | Exposition | Evaluation | Argument

Advanced Topics: Writing in the Humanities | Writing in the Sciences | Writing in Business | Oral Presentations | Rhetorical Analysis | Annotated Bibliography | Citation

Writer's Handbook

Grammar: Parts of Speech: Pronouns | Verbs | Adjectives | Adjectival Phrase | Adverbs | Conjunctions | Prepositions | Interjections | Parts of the Sentence | Types of Sentences | Active and Passive Voice

Punctuation: Commas | Semicolons | Colons | Apostrophes | Quotation Marks | Hyphens and Dashes | Parentheses | Capitalization

Common Errors: Know your patterns | Mixing up words that sound alike | When subjects and verbs don't agree | When pronouns and antecedents don't agree | Missing commas after introductory elements | Sentence fragments | Missing or misplaced apostrophes | Unnecessary tense shifts | Run-on or fused sentences | Comma Splice | Disruptive commas | Dangling, misplaced, and squinting modifiers | Logical Fallacies | Plagiarism

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