Russian Orthodox Prayer Book+



Russian Orthodox Prayer Book.

Prayer list includes:
* Ottchje nasch
* Iisusova molitva
* Blagodarjenije za vsjakoje blagodjejanije Bozhije
* Molitva o usopschich
* Molitva o zhivych
* Pjesn Prjesvjatoye Bogorodizje
* Psalom 50
* Psalom 67
* Psalom 90
* (ponjedjelnik) - Archangjelu Michailu
* (ponjedjelnik) - Archangjelu Michailu
* (srjeda) - Archangjelu Rafailu
* (tchjetvjerg) - Archangjelu Uriilu
* (pjatniza) - Archangjelu Sjelafiilu
* (subbota) - Archangjelu Ijegudiilu
* (Voskrjesjenije) - Archangjelu Varachiilu
* Molitva k Angjelu chranitjelju
* Mutchjenizje Sofii
* Molitva djevizy o zamuzhjestvje
* Molitva za russkiye narod
* Molitva o spasjenii Rossii
* Djesjat zapovjedjeye
* and many more...

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The ability to change the background of prayer (3 diferent themes)
Copy to Clipboard prayer (paste to sms, mail, etc.)
View prayers streched on full screen
wake lock prevents screen shutdown while reading

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