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Do you love science? Do you love lists, facts and trivia? Do you love learning about science history? If so, you will love this app. It is simply a collection of lists, articles and facts about science, science history and famous scientists.
A few of the items included are:
Bigger Than Landing on Moon
Folic Acid and Pregnancy
Facts about the Moon
Most Abundant Elements
The Rarest Rocks in the World
The Best Foods
List of Birds by Flight Speed
Weather & Climate Extremes
Women Scientists Who Should be Famous
Madagascars Weirdest Animals
Science Fanatic Museums
Animals in Space
Largest in the Solar System
Largest Animals in the World
Units of Mass or Weight
Famous Australian Scientists
Do Asteroids Have Moons?
Abundant Elements in the Earths Crust
10 Most Valuable Metals
How Are Bacteria Named?
Renewable Energy Sources
Be Environmentally Conscious
Evolution Made Humans Worse
Strangest Things in the Universe
Amazing Facts About the Universe
Most Dangerous Animals ...
and much more. All info is stored on your device as does not require WiFi.

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