Shades of Night



I completed these short stories during the years immediately following completion of my undergraduate degree. For the first time in my life, I was working professionally as an information technology consultant (this despite my having majored in biology and chemistry) and earning a decent salary. I was also learning about the treachery of my fellow human beings through the many nightlong infidelities of my first wife, who I divorced in the year after I wrote these words. These are transitional efforts. They are primarily character studies drawn from my growing worldliness due to the incessant travel of my profession.

As usual in my early works, I spend a great deal of time on violence and its mostly negative repercussions, as in “Oak of Ropes”, “Sleeping Without Dreaming”, “Rosewyld”, “Magic Valley”, “What the Dead May Do”, “The Boy, The Girl”, “Terrible Teardrops”, “The Nightly Terror Of Terrors That Come In the Night”, “Ford This River Grimly”, and “Darkness On the Face of the Deep”. In stories like “Chapter Ten (Page One)”, “The Despot Dreamed Of Flowers”, “That Last Door, Standing Wide Open”, “Coda”, and “Dark Secrets, Well Kept”, I let my imagination run free with the characters the plot has fashioned within my thoughts. Even I do not know the answers to most of the back-story mysteries exposed within these tales. Perhaps you can figure it all out and let me know what it all means.