Sociology for all

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    Sociology is one of the most popular destinations in our time. Hundreds of students each year challenging the right to learn the profession in various universities. Among the vast body of literature on the sociology, the lists which are replenished every year, it is difficult to choose the necessary information. Course-read by a special technique developed to enhance and increase the digestibility of the material comfort of learning. The course is based on the program for higher educational institutions of Russia. Course contents: 1. The object of sociology of knowledge 2. Key sociological terms 3. Signs and functions of institutions 4. Culture 5. The family as a social institution 6. Small social group 7. Statistics - an instrument of Sociology 8. Socialization 9. Deviant behavior 10. Religion 11. Gender and adult 12. The main methods of sociological research 13. Civil Society 14. War 15. Racial and ethnic disparities 16. Elements of Political Sociology 17. Social Stratification 18. Sociology of Education 19. Theory of the Leisure Class 20. Sociology of Work This audiobook in Russian.

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