Spell of Life



Spell of life:- by Surya Prakash Acharya

Swaminarayan Bhujmandir is a place for inspiration. its has many wonderful holy inspirational signs, as well as many books, in which great and inspirative sentences are available. This small book app named Spell of life is the key of success containing the brilliant and famous quotations.

Surya Prakash Acharya of Swaminarayan Mandir Bhuj - Kutch, has written this booklet as the inspiring thoughts, enhances ability and strength of each reader. This holly booklet, the Spell of life contains the life style quotations. Bhujmandir and his saints of God Swaminarayan always emphasizes that God Swaminarayan’s strength in the heart of all can be had only by reading the super style quotations of holy books.

These quotations are such that would give youthfulness in life of everyone and bright light to all satsangi of Swaminarayan Sampraday and Bhujmandir as well as to all human beings.

Bhujmandir and this inspirative sentences are the sign of courage to all youth of Swaminarayan Sampraday. May reader of this booklet get wonderful and brilliant path of life by the blessing of Bhujmandir and god Swaminarayan.

Copyright © Book Author Shashtri Suryaprakashdasji

When I first started writing with the God Swaminarayan’s mercy and inner inspiration of true preceptor saints, it has proved to be very useful to all religious-minded societies and thousands of devotees of the God Swaminarayan since then. Whatever maxims or articles I have written so far and done something for chidren, with taking images, have been written with my own intelligence and all this, I have done with the compassion of Shashtri Swami Dharmajivandasji, the head of the sect-Acharya Maharajshri and all the sacred saints of the past as well as the present ,Whatever my writing contains such as maxims, articles or poem, comes under my direct right. So without my written permission, no one can use it having one’s own name. Moreover no one also can use directly for the one’s economicas purpose the images and the writtings in the forms of the Apps or the site in the web world, that have been launched by me, without my permission. Besides, I, too, have not taken any writings or images that are under somebody’s copy right without a permission, so, yet if someone has any doubt, he should show his copy rights providing a written information and can inform me on e-mail at gksuryaswami@gmail.com or copyright@arkayapps.com

Shashtri Suryaprakashdasji
Shri Swaminarayan Mandir

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