SRD 3.5 Player's Booklet



An easy document reference for players of Dungeons and Dragons 3.5, based on the OGL SRD 3.5, aimed to have a simple and intuitive interface, with all the basic moves, tactics and skill uses, like grapple, trample, interfere with an opponent to aid an ally, etc.

The inf is organised like this:

*Combat Modifiers
-Includes attactk/AC modifiers, flanking, cover and concealment.
*Forms of Movement
-Includes movement cost, walk, run, jump, swim, balance, sneak (movement), tumble, etc.
*Special Attack Actions
-Like grapple, trip, disarm, sunder, etc.
-General Actions, Mounted Actions, Actions while grappling.
*Long Term Skill Uses
-Cover topics like taking care of someone sick, forgery, items and structures, sociali interacting with others, etc.

Also, please note that the first time the app is load, it will take slightly more time, in order to ready the resources that need.

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