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**Coaching is nothing more than eliminating mistakes before you get fired.**

Most coach training programs teach you to offer very general coaching programs geared toward solving a wide range of problems. The problem with this approach is that in trying to appeal to so many situations, problems, and needs – you end up diluting your “coaching solution”

** In this app yo will come to know about ** Start your own coaching program** and its importance.

** What is Coaching Program ? Why it is important ?

** How to coach for soccer. coaching soccer for you

** How to coach for football. coaching football with easy features

** How to coach for basketball coaching basketball for the teens (Mostly)

** Tips that should always be remembered.

** coaching for the all around known game wrestling

** How to coach for softball coaching guide for softball

** coaching volleyball in few steps .

** Coaching for baseball sports

This app is a complete Coaching world for the most relevant games been played all around the world. this app is for coaching youth taking hand in hand
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