sunnah prayer for each event.



Daily sunnah prayers
"Before meal", "After meal", "Between meal if forgotton",
"Leaving home", "Entering home",
"Before sleep", "On wakeup",
"Before entering toilet","Leaving toilet",
"Thanking someone","Sneezing","Listener reply on sneeze",
Subhanallahi wabihamdihi reward is same as one horse running for 100 years and that much length of huge tree in jannah for one subhanallahi wabi hamdihi
In the way of allah-(Tableegh)-one namaz will count 490 million time(49 crore) and one subhanallah will count 490 million subhanallah
obsolete sunnat reward-make obselete sunnah alive will reward upto 100 martyr/shaheed.", "Namaz Reward- no torment/azab in the grave
Lailatul Qadr reward daily. reciting surah sajda and mulk between maghrib and isha, surah mulk saves from the torment of the grave
After fajr. and maghrib- reciting 7 times allahumma ajirni minannar will save from hellfire."
Reciting kalma tayaba 100 times a day will result when rising from grave a person's face will be shining like moon.
Reciting drood sharif 100 times a day will protect person from dieing as munafiq ( Meaning will not die a non muslim)

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