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Motivation is the prime need to achieve the milestones you’ve set in your life. We all have face obstacles and at some point, given up our dreams just because we don’t feel the enthusiasm required to make your remarkable. At that time, motivation plays a crucial role to rejuvenate your energy and force you to start again from zero. Lauruss Infotech has designed an application exclusively dedicated to Swami Vivekanand’s life altering quotes to energize you once again.
Swami Vivekanand was an Indian Hindu monk. He was the key person responsible for introducing Indian Philosophies of Vedanta and Yoga to the western world and bringing Hinduism to the status of a major world religion in the late 19th century. Being an incredible source of inspiration, he has given many quotes that boost the confidence and motivate the youth to recognize their strength.
Our Swami Vivekanand apps combine some of the popular quotes. An inspiration and wonderful “quote of the day” is enough to energize you and clear your vision at the dark times. The Swami vivekanand quotes app is now available at iTune store and completely compatible with all versions of iPhone.
Astonishing Features of the App-
Send the Quotes via SMS
Apart from viewing the quotes on your iPhone, you can share your favorite quotes with your friends and beloved through SMS. Lauruss Infotech has given this option, so that you could share the positive quotes with the people you love, care or concern through the most convenient medium.
Share through Social Networking Sites
Today, when everyone spends a good amount of time over the internet, especially social networking site, we cannot avoid its importance. You can share the quotes through the social sites or set them as your status easily. As vivekanad is a legend leader, people love to read his speeches and quotes. Simple, put his quotes on your profile and get remarkable recognition and compliments.

Download our Vivekanand quotes apps today, and give a BUZZ to your friends and family.

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