Take Your Money and..(Lite)



Tired of the government taxing all of your hard-earned money? Looking for legal methods that allow you to keep your money in your hands at all times? Then Alex Douliss newest edition of Take Your Money And Run! is the book for you.Newly revised to accommodate the recent changes made to the Income Tax Act since the first of eight printings hit the shelves in 1994, Alex Douliss 2006 edition of Take Your Money And Run! offers readers easy and legitimate alternatives on how to shed ones residency to legally avoid paying taxes in Canada.Delving into the intricacies of the Income Tax Act as it refers to Canadian citizens living abroad, Douliss latest book invites the reader to journey to Spain with Stewart — an investment banker — to learn how his friend, Angelo, has successfully managed to invest his money and RRSPs offshore, live leisurely, and rid himself of the financial burden of paying income tax — all while maintaining Canadian citizenship.Having already sold over 135,000 copies in past editions, Take Your Money And Run! is a proven best seller. It is an excellent manual for traveling Canadians and aging boomers looking to cash-in on their well-deserved financial earnings.