The Fight at Hueco ..(sample)



「The Fight at Hueco Tanks / Wilson, Chris Scott」
The Apaches hated and feared Jim Tanner. They called him El Cazador, The Hunter, because he always returned them to the reservation. Dead or alive.When Chato, would-be war chief who believed he had been chosen by the Great Spirit to lead his people to freedom, broke out of the San Carlos reservation, it was Jim Tanner who was sent to hunt him down.A cavalry column was dispatched too, under the command of Lieutenant Hardcastle, a young West Point glory hunter who saw the breakout as a chance to win quick promotion.It was at Hueco Tanks where the Apaches had held councils and watered their horses for centuries that Tanner caught up with Chato’s band of renegades…For a sample read, reviews, and author photo and bio, visit