The Golden Lotus



The Golden Lotus

Jin Ping Mei, or The Plum in the Golden Vase (Chinese: 金瓶梅; pinyin: Jīn Píng Méi, also translated as The Golden Lotus) is a Chinese naturalistic novel composed in vernacular Chinese during the late Ming Dynasty. The author was Lanling Xiaoxiao Sheng (蘭陵笑笑生), "The Scoffing Scholar of Lanling", a clear pseudonym, and his identity is otherwise unknown (the only clue is that he hailed from Lanling, or present-day Shandong). The earliest known versions of the novel exist only in handwritten scripts; the first block-printed book was released only in 1610. The more complete version available today comprises one hundred chapters, amounting to over a thousand pages.


《金瓶梅》是我国明代长篇世情小说,成书约在隆庆至万历年间,作者署名兰陵笑笑生。《金瓶梅》借《水浒传》中武松杀嫂一段故事为引子,通过对兼有官僚、恶霸 、富商3种身份的封建时代市侩势力的代表人物西门庆及其家庭罪恶生活的描述,揭露了明代中叶社会的黑暗和腐败,具有较深刻的认识价值。后被拍成许多同名的影视作品。

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