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Your "how-to" searches stop here!

The HackBook offers more than 50 of the most reliable step-by-step hacking tutorials for users of all skill levels.

Some popular HackBook tutorials include, how to:

• Crack a Gmail, Hotmail, and Microsoft Live password
• Perform a DoS attack
• Crack WEP and WPA/WPA 2 encryption
• Crack a Mac OS X administrator account password
• Sniff usernames and passwords
• Eavesdrop on VoIP phone calls
• Install BackTrack 5 on an Android device
• Perform a phishing attack over a LAN and a WAN
• Crack a password-protected zip file
• War drive with an Android device
• Install BackTrack 5 on a virtual machine
• Create a wordlist or dictionary file

Unlike other hacking tutorials and references apps, the HackBook provides a list of prerequisites at the beginning of each tutorial so you don't have to question whether or not you're equipped to complete a tutorial.


• Dozens of video tutorials and written tutorials

• Useful resources and guides for beginners

• An easy-to-use Linux command dictionary and terminology guide

• Get notified when a new tutorial or guide is added to the HackBook

• Stay connected with the HackBook and its author through built-in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Wordpress

• Submit feedback and tutorial requests from within the app

• Download HD wallpapers and images from the photo gallery

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