- The Correct and True Meaning of Life
- Affirmed by quotes from: Buddha, Jesus, Laozi, Socrates, Gandhi
- Connect the meanings behind major religions and philosophies
- Understand Oneness
- Uncover the true nature of reality
- Expand your awareness and open your mind
- Get the answer to questions like:

What am I?
What is consciousness?
What is the origin of the universe?

Quotes from the Meaning Of Life by John Farhat:

"Perceiving the universe as separated is the origin of all particular things"

"The universe existed long before we created the
concepts of separation,distance, or parts.

These concepts are only provisionary,
they are based on our limited perception."

"There is no body, only the perception of a body.
There is no movement, only the perception of movement.
There is no self, only the perception of a self."

"The source of wisdom is not knowledge.
The source of wisdom is direct insight."

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