The NASCAR Phenomena

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    The NASCAR Phenomena

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    If You Are Looking for Good, Clean Family Entertainment and Fun, Have You Considered NASCAR?

    Here's a step-by-step guide for learning everything you need to know about NASCAR one of the best pastimes in the USA. Learn all about the NASCAR Phenomena!

    It’s taken the country by storm. For something with such a shadowy past, NASCAR has risen to be one of the favorite sports in the country.

    No matter what the history books say, the true roots of NASCAR began on the back roads of Appalachia with souped up cars running moonshine to meet deliveries scheduled for clients in the speakeasies up north.

    In fact, you can find a pretty good history of how NASCAR got it’s beginning by watching the old Robert Mitchum movie, Thunder Road. You can probably find the move in your local video store. It’s a great story.

    Good, Clean Fun!

    NASCAR isn’t all about the cars. They are important, for certain, but the entire NASCAR experience is what brings folks back again and again. In fact, it really isn’t any one thing that you can say is the reason for the popularity. It’s the entire package.

    It’s easy to watch and easy to follow. And, just like football, it’s an outdoor sport that embraces tailgating parties. As if that weren’t enough it really is a “clean” sport.

    While baseball, basketball and football are all experiencing problems with players and bad behaviors as well as performance enhancing drugs, NASCAR pretty much levels the playing field with good clean fun.

    Going to a Race!

    If you are fortunate enough to be able to attend a race with the family, you are pretty much guaranteed an exciting event. Since you are attending along with hundreds or even thousands of other fans, cheering your favorite driver and car is pretty much a given.

    You can be assured that you won’t be screaming at the top of your lungs all by yourself and gives your kids the right message about what is worth cheering about.

    You can’t ask for better role models than NASCAR drivers. For the most part you just don’t hear about some of the horror stories that are so prevalent in other sports. You can feel comfortable about your kids holding drivers in great esteem.