The New Speed Reading Course




    How to Effectively Double Your Reading Speed and Accelerate Your Learning Abilities to the Extreme!

    Check out just SOME of the information you can find inside:

    How you can get at least 80% of what you need to know in just 11-13 minutes, even from the topics you're not interested in.
    The most important part in every paragraph that should be given the most time in understanding.
    You can learn anything by doing three important things. What are they?
    Why speed readers are considered impatient readers.
    Why pronouncing words when reading should be avoided.
    How speed reading is calculated.
    The minimum length of time needed to read a block of words.
    How the newspaper reading method is being done.
    How to effectively avoid reading out loud to one's self.
    The relationship of speed reading and reading comprehension.
    The advantages and disadvantages of subvocalization.
    Major causes of decrease in speed reading.
    What the most rudimentary type of reading is.
    The difference between eyesight and vision.
    How to reduce the number of times the eyes skip back to a previous sentence.

    And much more!

    Table of Contents
    Introduction 6
    Pre-Requisites of Speed Reading

    Chapter 1: Before Speed Reading
    Consider Your Purpose
    Look for Specific Words
    Become an Impatient Reader
    Different Speeds for Different Materials
    Practice Activity
    The First Step in Speed Reading
    Speed Reading Tips
    Knowing How Deeply To Study the Material

    Chapter 2: How People Read
    Short Exercise
    Pay Attention
    Reducing Fixation Time for Speed Reading
    Speed Reading Techniques
    Relationship between Reading Rate and Comprehension
    Reducing Skip Backs
    Five Types of Reading
    1. Skimming
    2. Scanning
    3. Light Reading
    4. Word by Word Reading
    5. Reading to Study

    Chapter 3: Radically Increasing Your Reading Speed
    Technical Issues
    Self-Pacing Techniques in Speed Reading
    The Hand Technique
    The Finger Technique
    The Card Technique
    The Sweep Technique
    Speed Reading Tips
    What Causes Slow Reading?
    Tips for Increasing Reading Rate

    Chapter 4: Suggestions for Increasing Speed and Effectiveness
    Major Causes of Slow Reading Speed
    Where to Begin ... with Your Next Reading Assignment
    Effective Reading Methods
    Reading Daily News Method
    Reading Newspapers Method
    Close Reading Method
    Exploratory Reading Method
    Reading to Learn Method
    Active Reading Method

    Chapter 5: Human Mind and Vocalization
    Subvocalization is a Necessity
    Subvocalization: Good or Bad?
    Eliminating Subvocalization to Increase Reading Speed
    Do you Vocalize Words in Your Mind?
    Eliminate the Habit of Pronouncing Words as you Speed Read
    Stop Talking to Yourself When You Speed Read
    Chunk Four Words
    Use of a Pen or Finger

    Chapter 6: Getting the Main Idea
    Extracting Important Details
    How “So What” Questions Help in Speed Reading
    Be an Active Reader
    Answer the Questions at the End of Each Chapter
    Question while you are Surveying
    Reading Critically
    Recite After Each Section
    Tips for Developing Good Eyesight
    Speed Reading Calculating
    Double Your Reading Speed