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    The Pan Protocol by Faydra D. Fields

    Synopsis of the eBook: Dr. Gremillion Benjamin is a top-notch scientist at C300, the world's leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art prostheses. His latest project, Synthesis, is slated to make his company millions of dollars and will bring Dr. Benjamin the type of fame he missed out on when his first project was hijacked by another scientist.

    The money-hungry CEO of C300, Dr. Gable Grayson III, is extremely pleased with Dr. Benjamin's latest success, but Grayson is also annoyed by a clause in Dr. Benjamin's contract that states that any project Dr. Benjamin creates for profit must also have a not-for-profit component to benefit the low-income and disadvantaged children of the world. Dr. Grayson sees this as a threat to his ability to maximize the profits he can make from Synthesis. However, Dr. Benjamin's contract is ironclad, and Grayson nor his lawyers can see any way around honoring the "community service clause" without being sued for millions of dollars.

    One of the not-for-profit projects it to provide free prosthetic and lifetime medical care for children in countries where they have lost limbs due to civil or any types of war. Another of the not-for-profit projects that comes from Synthesis is the creation of KIDs.

    Everything is great until Dr. Benjamin discovers that part of Synthesis has been duplicated and used for an extremely sinister purpose. The off-shoot is called The Pan Protocol, and there's nothing youthfully innocent about it. Once Dr. Benjamin finds out what Grayson is up to, he embarks on a mission to find everyone involved with The Pan Protocol and to see that their wealth and reputations are destroyed.

    "The Pan Protocol" is what could possibly happen when the laws of the land haven't caught up with the speed of technology.