The People's New Testament



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Table of Contents

Title Page
Books of the New Testament
Harmony of the Gospels
Our Lord's Miracles
Our Lord's Parables
Our Lord's Discourses and Conversations
The Discourses in Acts of the Apostles
Tables of Time, Measures, Weights, Etc
A Table of Measure
A Table of Weights
A Table of Money
Measures of Liquids
Measures of Dry Things
The Gospel According to Matthew
Introduction to Matthew
The Genealogy and Birth of Christ
The Wise Men and the Flight into Egypt
John the Baptist and the Baptism of Christ
The Temptation, and Christ's Ministry in Galilee
The Sermon on the Mount
The Sermon on the Mount:-Continued
The Sermon on the Mount:-Concluded
Miracles at Capernaum and on the Sea
The Ministry at Capernaum
The Call and Charge to the Apostles
The Message from John the Baptist
The Pharisees Take Counsel Against and Seek to Destroy Jesus
Seven Parables of the Kingdom
The Miracles Beyond and Upon the Sea of Galilee
Christ and the Pharisees: The Woman of Canaan
The Foundation of the Church
The Transfiguration
The Greatest in the Kingdom
Marriage and Divorce; The Rich Ruler
The Laborers in the Vineyard; The Ambitious Mother
Christ Entering Jerusalem
The Marriage of the King's Son; Attempts to Entrap the Saviour
The Last Appeal to Israel
The Judgments on the Jewish Nation
The End of the World
The Preparation for the Lord's Death
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