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    "This book is a masterpiece of not only American literature, but of world literature. Reading this book was the experience that showed me what good literature is. This is easily in my top three along with Fahrenheit 451 and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. "

    "Read it for the first as a school project and fell in love with it. One of the few classics that get better every time you read it. Also one of the few romances that isn't sappy but is also epicly heart rending at the same time. "

    "I believe I've read this before... but since not sure... I purchased it after watching "Easy A" with my teens... It was an excellent book...


    Yes - it was difficult to decipher the 2011 meaning of some of the sentences...but I took it slow and I believe I was able to understand most of it..

    It would have been helpful to be part of a book club to understand the nuances of this...but indeed...the characters are timeless and the public castration is the same now as ever was...

    Excellent read in 2011 as ever. "

    "I have no less than fifty books literally waiting on the shelf in my bedroom for me to read them. Sometimes when I'm in the middle of a less-than-fantastic book for a review, I look longingly at that shelf and then hurry myself along (I'm also a one-at-a-time kind of girl). So, when I finished the book last week and needed something to read, it shouldn't have been hard to pick something. I surprised myself by reaching for my Nathaniel Hawthorne collection and opening up to The Scarlet Letter.

    I read (or skimmed) The Scarlet Letter in high school. B-O-R-I-N-G! After I fell in love with The Peabody Sisters (which I highly recommend to anyone who enjoys biographies and literature) several years ago, I was anxious to try some more Hawthorne (he was married to the youngest Peabody sister). I started The House of the Seven Gables but put it aside when I just couldn't get into it after fifty pages. Even though I really really wanted to like Hawthorne, I figured it was hopeless.

    Perhaps I just wasn't ready or mature enough then. I devoured The Scarlet Letter this time. I was enthralled and fascinated with the story, themes and the beautiful language (makes reading most novels now seem like fifth grade work). I almost wish I was back in high school college so that I could discuss it with a group. I definitely have some ideas to contribute this time. And I apologize to my mom's friends--I shouldn't have laughed when I heard you were reading it for book club.

    It just goes to show, that some books are worth another try. "

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