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    The Sims Cheats provides access to codes and cheats for games series The Sims. With this app game is simpler, you can discover a new opportunity to play. More than a game at any time you can manage your Sims game and scenery.
    Do you miss the money to build a new and beautiful house with swimming pool, two garages, a large dining area and lounge room with a fireplace? Would you like to live in a dream house by the sea or ocenaem? With The Sims Cheats reach the skates in a few moments. Just type a few codes that are in The Sims Cheats.

    Why download The Sims Cheats?
    - FREE!!
    - easy to use
    - cheats and codes to all versions of The Sims in one place
    - great user interface
    - simple to use
    - only 120Kb

    This application allows you access to the codes for such games as:
    The Sims, The Sims 2, The Sims 3.

    You need to get a copy of this application on your phone!

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