The Wolf And The Seven Kids

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    The Wolf and the Seven Kids is a story about a mother goat, her seven kids and a big bad greedy wolf.

    One day the mother goat had to go out and she told he seven kids that they must not open the door to anyone as there was a horrible wolf lurking about outside.
    But the wolf tricked the seven kids by making his voice sound all sweet and knocking on the door pretending to be the mother goat.

    The kids opened the door expecting to see their mother but instead saw the greedy wolf who then ate six of the little goats. When the mother came back the last remaining goat told her what had happened. The mother goat saved the other six little goats and punished the wolf.

    • ‘Read to me’ – automatically reads each page of the story
    • ‘Read it myself’ – the story book can be read in traditional form
    • ‘Auto play’ - automatically reads the story and turns pages from start to finish without any user aid
    • Text highlighting – words are highlighted as the story is being read, helping children learn their ABCs

    Whether you are looking to entertain your child in the car, on holiday or you just want the perfect bedtime story, this app is ideal as it also helps learning.

    Kids have loved this story in all its previous incarnations, and they will love it in its new tablet format!

    This colourful sound book is recommended for children ages 3-5.

    The Wolf and the Seven Kids is part of the ‘Sound Book’ range from Robert Frederick. If you like this, look out for the other upcoming stories such as ‘The Ugly Duckling’, ‘Cinderella’ or even ‘Aladdin’.

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