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This app provides important thermo-physical property data on fluids that are very common in industrial applications. The data helps in computation of various parameters pertaining to flow system design involving heat and energy transfers. This App can become very handy for engineers and students dealing with thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfers as a quick reference guide.

Water, Air, Steam, Nitrogen, Oxygen, Hydrogen, Helium, CO2, Methane, Ethane, Chlorine, Ammonia, Argon, Hydraulic oil, Freon (R12), Mercury, Sulfuric Acid.

For steam, additional thermodynamic property data are provided in the form of a Steam Table covering all 3 states such as saturated water, saturated vapor and superheat conditions at a given pressure and temperature. Besides, a separate section is provided for saturated steam properties where users can choose either temperature or pressure as primary argument.

Similarly for Air, section on Psychrometry gives data on humid air properties that are consistent with psychrometric chart. Users can choose either wet-bulb temperature or relative humidity as primary argument in addition to dry bulb temperature. The result includes humidity ratio, dew point temperature, specific volume, specific enthalpy and entropy for both dry and humid air. It is often difficult to read and interpolate these data from the chart. Therefore, app is very useful for all HVAC personnel in getting these data with speed and accuracy.

Users can toggle between SI and USCS units. Property data are provided in two parts for any given pressure and temperature of above fluids. The first part is on transport properties that are common to all fluids and the second part is on property data that are exclusively for gases and steam as given below.
• Thermo-physical Transport properties.
o Density (ρ) – function of both temperature and pressure
o Viscosity (μ) – function of temperature
o Specific Heat (constant pressure-cp) – function of temperature
o Thermal conductivity (K) – function of temperature
• Additional property data for gases including steam.
o Molecular wt (MW)
o Specific heat ratios (cp/cv)
o Thermal diffusivity (α)
o Prandtl number (Pr)
• Additional thermodynamic properties exclusively for steam for all 3 states.
o Saturation temperature at given pressure
o Specific volume (v)
o Specific Internal energy (u)
o Specific enthalpy (h)
o Specific entropy (s)

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