From the vampire who escape in the Bella and Edward talked about love, in her 18 years old birthday party, had a very unpleasant events -- awkward Bella in gift wrapping paper accidentally cut his finger, blood dripping from the moment, self-control is the worst of Jasper upon her. Edward fears that this tragedy will continue to occur, so cruel to leave Bella moved from the town of Fawkes, and the promise not to see Bella, and her farewell. Sad Bella started without a soul is not conscious of life, but she was surprised to find that, as long as she did a risky move, the mind can hear Edward's warning, so she rides a motorcycle, a person in the jungle trekking, and newborn werewolves -- Jacob. To escape the Vitoria hunt in the process, Bella gradually found, push beach a vampire and as the mysterious life, the Wolfman werewolf werewolf partner, mark, Alfa, a werewolf ... ... The Bella is all new, and she also is in gradually found, she has siblings and friends of Jacob detached sentiment in the budding, the adventures of Bella did not stop means, when she jumped into the cliff, but was saved by Jacob. Mistakenly thought that Bella has died. Edward will to live in the world, and to the vampire royalty wall chart family challenge, try to kill themselves, Bella and Alice were eventually rescued, but Wolverine figure family for Bella assimilation into vampires, after returning home, Edward and his family and Bella to discuss whether it is assimilated into a vampire, Bella Swan decided to vote to decide whether or not to be assimilated into a vampire. Most families have expressed consent, whether can avoid Bella Swan want to suck blood, and Bella Swan good sisters, protect his son and so on reason ... But Rosalie (formerly Bella extremely unfriendly to the female vampire ) but thanks to this Bella Swan can brave to save his brother Edward Cullen and does not agree with Bella into vampires ( out of concern and his real thoughts), of course, Edward also did not agree with his beloved people lose the soul. In Bella and Edward driving on the road, in front of Jacob block, Edward felt there was something he said to himself, then Bella and Edward two people get off and Jacob came to the side of the road in the forest, Edward on Jacob to thank ( in his absence, J on B care ) but Jacob description he is not for him, but because of his own love Bella. The Jacob block Bella wanted to become a vampire idea, but Bella said even if their love is forever only will choose Edward Jacob. ", Jacob change into wolves, Bella stopped two people, Jacob sad to leave. Jacob left, Edward and Bella two people continue to discuss Bella should become a vampire topic, Edward said that he personally" hands-on" conditions -- to him forever. And to propose to Bella ... Later gave birth to a child. Because the Bella bleed fault, Edward had to turn him into a vampire.

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