Thinaimaalai Nootruiympathu



Thinaimaalai Nootruiympathu - Thinaimaalai Nootruiympathu, is a Tamil poetic work belonging to the Pathinenkilkanakku anthology of Tamil literature, belonging to the 'post Sangam period' corresponding to between 100 – 500 CE. Thinaimalai Nurru Aimpathu contains 154 poems written by the poet Kanimeythaviyaar.

The poems of Thinaimalai Nurru Aimpathu deals with the subjective (agam) concepts. Agam in the Sangam literature denotes the subject matters that deal with the intangibles of life such as human emotions, love, separation, lovers' quarrels, etc. The poems of Thinaimalai Nurru Aimpathu are categorised into 31 poems for each of the five thinai, or landscape of Sangam poetry and describe in detail the situation and emotions specific to each landscape. The five landscapes of Sangam poetry are mullai – forest, kurinji – mountains, marutham – farmland, paalai – arid land and neithal – seashore.