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    「Three Stories From Jane Austen」
    Jane Austen is best known for her novels Persuasion, Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility and Emma ? three of which are featured in this book. She is also outstanding for her social and observation and wit.
    Persuasion is a story about the Elliot family with the plot revolving around the clandestine love affair between Anne Elliot and Captain Wenworth. Although seven years have passed, their affection for each other remained unchanged.
    Pride and Prejudice is another marriage comedy involving the Bennet sisters. Initially Elizabeth is prejudiced against the proud Darcy but in the end, she discovers the change in him and accepts his marriage proposal.
    Sense and Sensibility tells the story about two sisters and how they have to go through difficulties to romance and marriage. It also shows that they need to have sense and sensibility in order to receive happiness.
    The book has simplified the stories for easy understanding. Useful information about the author and characters are provided. There is also a glossary of difficult words and questions to ensure understanding of the plot.

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