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Learn How to Tie a Tie using Tie a Tie. Step by Step guide for various knot's.

A tie or necktie is a garment, conventionally worn around a man's neck with a collared shirt. There are several ways that the knot can be tied. A common, easy knot is the Four-In-Hand. However this is not the simplest knot. This step by Step Guide on How to Tie a Tie helps you Tie your knot like a professional.

The Various Knot's that are explained using Step by Step guide are:
Oriental or Small Knot

Easy way to learn how to tie a necktie. There is For the mathematical basis of tie knots. All the Instructions are explained using easy to use Pictures using from Wikimedia Commons. The easy to use Picture Based Instructions help you learn quickly on the spot. Whether its Bow ties or regular Knots irrespective of Shirt sizes you can learn how to do a Bow tie knot or How to tie.

Stuck before a important business meeting trying to learn how to Tie a Tie know? This app will come to your rescue. Tying the Knots is made super easy. If your question is how to tie a tie, this is the app for you.

Learn how to Tie and Tie and be a Gentleman. Improves your chance of getting better date.

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