Tiger Cub Advancement Tracker

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    Tiger Cubs is the first and youngest division of the Boy Scouts of America Cub Scouts program. This Android app tracks completion of requirements for one or multiple boys for their Bobcat rank (a prerequisite for every rank), their tiger cub rank and all 50 tiger cub electives.

    The application allows tracking and viewing all requirements even when no internet connection is available. The user interface is simple and intuitive. It values simplicity and function over fancy graphics.

    As an added bonus, you may use the option under the settings to cache an electronic copy of the entire Tiger Cub handbook to assist as needed. Once the handbook is downloaded, you may access it offline without needing to download it as long as you do not delete or move it from the stored location.

    The app does not try to do everything for everyone. While functionality may expand in the future, some notable things the app does NOT do is:
    1) Generate reports
    2) Track belt loops or pins
    3) Track for other ranks
    4) Synchronize across multiple devices
    While all good ideas that may or may not appear in future versions, the goal of this app is to allow simple and reliable tracking of multiple scouts for their tiger cub badge.

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