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'Tomato Canning Guide' is the most comprehensive and useful book on tomato canning and preservation. This is a handbook covering nearly all prime areas of tomato canning including types of processes, myths etc. So, grab your copy and get set to become tomato canning experts very soon.

Highlights of Tomato Canning -

Why should you consider the idea of canning tomatoes?
In what ways are canned tomatoes helpful?
Is canning tomatoes a labor intensive job?
Are canned tomatoes healthy?
Myths about canned tomatoes
Things that you would Require to can tomatoes
Step by step instructions to can tomatoes
What is pressure canning?
Some tips and tricks on canning
Canning tomatoes using ‘Pressure Canning’ Method
Do BPA-Free canned tomatoes cause any harm?
Hot water bath method
How to make canned tomato salsa?
How to make canned tomato sauce?
How to make canned tomato soup
Is canning tomatoes worthwhile?
Quick tips for canning tomatoes
Tips to enhance the ‘shelf life’ of canned tomatoes
What are the commonly experienced problems while canning tomatoes?

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