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In all countries, the best storyteller unanimously considered to be Hans Christian Andersen. They created a fantastic world populated by well-known and beloved characters. This book will help you get into this wonderful world. On account of HK Andersen's many poems, plays and novels, but the world-famous writer, brought the tale, which combines romance and realism, fantasy, humor and satire start with irony. In 1829 Anderson published a fantastic story "The journey on foot from the Canal to the eastern tip of Holmen Amager" brought fame writer. Little has been written before 1833, when Andersen received from the king's allowance, which enabled him to carry out first ever trip abroad. Since that time, Andersen wrote a large number of literary works, including in 1835 - made him famous "Tales." In the 1840s, Andersen tried to return to the stage, but without much success. At the same time he confirmed his talent by publishing a collection of "picture books without pictures." Glory to his "Tales" has grown, the 2nd edition of "Tales" was launched in 1838, and the third - in 1845. By this time he was already a famous writer, is widely known in Europe. In June 1847, he first came to England and was awarded triumphal meeting. In the second half of 1840 and in subsequent years Andersen continued to publish novels and plays, trying in vain to become famous as a playwright and novelist. At the same time, he despised his tale, which brought him deserved fame. Nevertheless, he continued to write more and more stories. Last Andersen fairy tale was written at Christmas 1872. In 1872, Andersen fell out of bed and hurt himself badly and never recovered from his injuries, even though he lived another three years. He died on August 4, 1875 and is buried in the cemetery Assistens («Assistens») in Copenhagen.

Tales included in the collection:

1. The Snow Queen
2. Ole Lukkoye
3. The Little Mermaid
4. Flint
5. Little Claus and Big Claus
6. Emperor's New Clothes
7. Childish chatter
8. Snowman
9. Shadow
10. Ugly duckling
11. Wild Swans
12. Thumbelina
13. The Steadfast Tin Soldier
14. Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep
15. The Princess and the Pea
16. Nightingale
17. Chamomile
18. Swineherd
19. Simple truth
20. Darner
21. Silver coin
22. Fir
23. Flax

This audiobook is in Russian.

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