Training failure of insomnia

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    Author training psychotherapist, a certified specialist in the field of hypnosis, Alexei Kozlov. Auditory training to get rid of insomnia based on procedure epiksonovskogo hypnosis - Modern Trend in psychotherapy, which allows the suggestion in the waking state, and uses the inherent ability of each person to involuntary trance. Auditory training consists of three different orientation audioseansa hypnosis, which will not only effectively and permanently get rid of insomnia, but also to achieve positive personal change. The session is aimed at the rapid fall asleep: allows you to neutralize the internal dialogue, free from unpleasant memories and intrusive thoughts that impede natural offensive deep sleep. The use of sleep to achieve the kinds of changes: problem solving, getting tips, answers to questions, education, etc. A session can recall the pleasant moments, bring back memories of the past and, thanks to the unconscious transfer of resources from these memories, to bring positive changes in your life.

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