Txt Displayer(eBook Reader)




    Never too late too learn.
    Are you a student? Are you a one who is busy with his daily work all the day? Do you have the habit of reading? How often do you reading? You may say that I am so busy, how can I get to find time to read. You want to read and need to read, but the problem is that you do not have time. What should you do?
    Have you heard one old saying which says that Time like the water in sponge as long as crowded always some? Yes, it is. In your daily life, there are really many time and many situation that you can read some books to enrich or entertain yourself.
    With your phone, you always watch videos with media player, listen to the music with music player and even view or browse pictures with photo wonder. Why do not you spare you time to read books with your phone.
    Txt Displayer is very good and simple displayer for you to read txt book in your phone. With it, you can read eBook at night and before your sleeping. Thus your limited time can be used to the full.
    Do you feel interested in this TXT displayer? OK, let us see the introduction together.
    1.TXT Displayer is a free but Advanced TXT reader. With it, you can make you reading move with you anywhere and any time.
    2.In the MORE, you can do more settings to the e-book. This reader will suit you better.
    3. When you read a book, you may forget the topic of the current chapter. In this app, you will know the topic quickly as long as you touch the TOC.
    4.When you read a txt book, you may not finish it in one time. This reader allows you to add a book so that you can read that book continually. How to add a bookmark and adjust the reading progress? Slide the bar to control the progress and click the add sign to add the current page as a bookmark. On this screen, press "menu" available to check the information, and toc(Which is for you to choose your desired chapter) and setting for you to set your costume, such as Brightness auto or not, day or night mood, font type and so on.
    5.Import the books into the bookshelf, which will make you reading become more easy.

    With reading more, you will feel that the world become smaller and your eyes broaden at the same time: It is available for you to read the knowledge all over the world and broaden your eyes, which make you travel everywhere you want with your Android.
    You can make it if you really want to do something. IF you want to enjoy a wonderful reading time, Download it here for free now!
    And please contact me first before leaving any negative feedback since I care about user satisfaction and will try my best to solve problems for you. Sometimes it may just be a problem related to your phone, not the app. Thanks!