Humans have been fascinated by the stars ever since we learned to look up.
Ancient Man drew pictures on rocks and passed down stories of visitors from the heavens.
Visitors who rode down to Earth riding giant, shimmering birds and flaming chariots.
Were these Gods? Extra-terrestrials? Figments of their imagination?

In 2012 Humanity is once again asking questions in a way never before seen in modern times,
"Are we alone in the Universe?"
"Who are the Anunnaki?"
"What did the ancient Mayan, Aztec and Egyptian people know that we don't?"
"What happens in December 2012?"
"Is the 'mothership' already here? Hiding somewhere on the dark side of the moon?"

This app will keep you up to date on the latest news and events concerning UFO's, E.T's, Reptillian Gods, Nibiru, Planet X,
Area 51, Sitchin, von Daniken, Icke and all things alien.

Download now, or be left in the dark!

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