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This is the lite version of US HAUNTED!

This app was created for enthusiasts, amateurs, professionals, and the curious to explore and discover active haunted locations around the United States.
If you consider yourself crazy or delusional for the experiences you believe occurred and are afraid to say it out loud, you are not alone! US Haunted will take you places all over the 50 states and make you realize that there are many others who feel the same as you and some have even paid the ultimate price. Continue reading but keep in mind to be blown with the stories you will read with US Haunted.


1. View a very generous collection of haunting ghost videos from YouTube

2. Watch the video in the best resolution available on your device.

3. All ghost stories are available offline when you download it.

4. Hundreds of scary and haunted histories from all around the US.

Locations include hotels, churches, haunted houses, bridges, cemeteries, battlefields, schools, ghost towns and more! Read the urban legends, submit comments, and read what others have experienced!

This app is a must have for paranormal addicts!

There are many locations that are not listed but we feel we have put together a extensive list and would love community interaction to bring us more that are not listed.

Browse by state to explore locations and to also see the location of the haunt.

*** Notes From AQUETEK APP ***

- If you only see (1) location on the map, ZOOM OUT.

If you know of a haunted location that is not listed on our Haunted Places directory, then please feel free to send us the details. We will try to add it to our directory as soon as possible. Only real active haunts will be considered thank you.


the list is for reference purposes only. If you do decide to check out any of the locations for yourself, please make sure that you have permission and obey all applicable laws. Under most ordinances, cemeteries are only open from sunrise to sunset.

We will not be held responsible for any persons who decide to conduct their own investigations.

-If you decide to leave negative feedback and low ratings in the market, please send us an email. 99% of the time we can improve your experience.

Thank you!

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Careful while read these stories. All are real.

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