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This is the official U.S. Marine Corps. Martial Arts Manual
Today's Marines operate within a continuum of force where conflict may change from
low intensity to high intensity over a matter of hours. Marines are also engaged in
many military operations other than war, such as peacekeeping missions or noncom-
batant evacuation operations, where deadly force may not be authorized. During non-
combative engagements, Marines must determine if a situation warrants applying
deadly force. Sometimes Marines must decide in a matter of seconds because their
lives or the lives of others depend on their actions. To make the right decision,
Marines must understand both the lethal and nonlethal close combat techniques need-
ed to handle the situation responsibly without escalating the violence unnecessarily.
Marine Corps Reference Publication (MCRP) 3-02B, Close Combat, provides the tac-
tics, techniques, and procedures of Marine Corps close combat. It also provides the
doctrinal basis for the Marine Corps Close Combat Training Program (MCCCTP).
This publication guides individual Marines, unit leaders, and close combat instructors
in the proper tactics, techniques, and procedures for close combat. MCRP 3-02B is
not intended to replace supervision by appropriate unit leaders and close combat in-
struction by qualified instructors. Its role is to ensure standardization and execution of
tactics, techniques, and procedures throughout the Marine Corps.
MCRP 3-02B supersedes Fleet Marine Force Manual (FMFM) 0-7, Close Combat,
dated 9 July 1993. There are significant differences between the two publications.
MCRP 3-02B should be reviewed in its entirety.
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