USMC Campaigning



MCDP 1-2 Campaigning. Marines throughout the world are revered for their tactical prowess in the pursuit of strategic objectives. In war, tactics without strategic victory means nothing, resulting in squandered resources to no end. Campaigning is the art of focusing and exploiting tactical actions to achieve an overall victory. Now with this application, learn the doctrinal application of conducting military campaigns through historical examples and clear instructions which will improve your ability to chain tactical actions to achieve your overall objectives. Perfect for warriors on the battlefield or in the business world. Excellent reading for those interested in Navy SEALS, US Army Rangers, Special Forces, Recon Marines, mixed martial arts, sniping, survival, and military training. Also check out USMC Warfighting and USMC Tactics to understand the full spectrum of conflict and the Art of War!!!

Specific Chapters include:
Chapter 1. The Campaign
Strategy—Tactics—Operations—Strategic-Operational Connection—Tactical-Operational Connection— Interdependence of the Levels of War—Campaigns— Battles and Engagements—A Comparative Case
Study: Grant Versus Lee–Policy–Military Strategy– Operations in 1864–Tactics—The Marine Corps and Campaigning

Chapter 2. Designing the Campaign
Supporting the Military Strategic Aim–Campaigning Under an Annihilation Strategy–Campaigning Under
an Erosion Strategy—Identifying the Enemy’s Critical Vulnerabilities—The Campaign Concept–Phasing the Campaign–Conceptual, Functional, and Detailed Planning–Conflict Termination—Campaign Design:
Two Examples–Case Study: The Recapture of Europe, 1944-45–Case Study: Malaysia, 1948-60—The Campaign Plan

Chapter 3. Conducting the Campaign
Strategic Orientation—The Use of Combat— Perspective—Surprise—Tempo—Synergy–Command and Control–Maneuver–Fires–Intelligence–Logistics– Force Protection—Leadership


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