Usnisa Vijaya Dharani Sutra



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The purpose of this sūtra is said to be to help sentient beings in a troubled and tumultuous world. According to this sūtra, beings will leave suffering and obtain happiness, increasing in their prosperity and longevity, remove karmic obstacles, eliminate disasters and calamities, remove enmity and hatred, fulfill all wishes, and quickly be led onto the Buddha's way. It is held by some that when the dharani is heard, it can imbue the alaya consciousness with pure seeds that will help to lead one to buddhahood.

According to the text, major applications of this dharani include:

Destroy calamities and rescue those in difficulties
Eliminate offenses and create good deeds
Purify all karmic obstructions
Increase blessings and lengthen lifespan
Attain Anuttara-samyak-sambodhi
Relieve beings in the ghost realm
Benefit birds, animals and all crawling creatures
Increase wisdom
Revert the fixed karma;
Eliminate various illness;
Destroy hells;
Ensure the safety of the households, and having children to inherit the family pride;
Harmonise husbands and wives;
Be able to reborn in the Land of Ultimate Bliss or various Buddhalands;
Heal sickness inflicted by ghosts and spirits;
Request for rain etc.

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