Frustrated and thoroughly disgusted, Ambrose O'Brien jerked his tie loose and stared out at the midnight sky. Being the baddest of the bad had its perks, but it definitely made

for a social life that sucked. He'd just wasted yet another evening in long line of social functions, each more predictable and boring than the one before.
To make matters worse, she hadn't bothered to show up. Wasn't it bad enough that they'd spent the past two nights debating her clan's latest bunch of ridiculous demands? The only reason he'd arranged for the dinner at all was the hope that after sharing a meal and a few drinks, he could convince the vampire rep and her human counterpart to each make some small concession. Nothing major, nothing important; just something to get the ball rolling when the real discussions started up again tomorrow night.

Alexis Morgan Vampire 01 - The Vampire´s Desire
Alexis Morgan Vampire 02 - Vampire Vendetta
Alexis Morgan Vampire 03 - AVampire's Vindication

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