What Is Your Alcohol IQ?



Can you schmooze your booze? Do you know how to make a martini.. or the difference between a daquiri and a cosmo. How many units of alcohol are in a regular beer? If you think you knew alcohol, think again - with the first free alcohol quiz on Android.

Consistently rated the best alcohol application on Android as it does more than provide drink recipes, cocktail lists, Alcoholics Anonymous, BAC alcohol calculator, alcohol mixer and drinking games - it is a game in itself!

Here are some of the questions included:
- Adding a miniature onion into a martini turns it into a:
- When it comes to liquors made from grain which is true?
- Which is the official 'spirit' by act of Congress?
- When a brandy is labeled XO it means?
- One of the benefits of buying wine by the box is:

This is the result I got:
You got 11 out of 15 correct. Congratulations, if you were an alcoholic beverage you'd be on the level of beer, that's not to say you can't work yourself up to a Bourbon. Let's try this again.

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