Windows 8.1 for Dummies

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    This app is snack sized edition of "Windows 8.1 For Dummies" book by Wiley.

    The Windows 8.1 For Dummies app offers a quick way to learn the basics of Windows 8.1. Featuring content from the best-selling Windows 8.1 For Dummies book, it covers the essentials of the Windows interface and Windows applications using either a desktop computer or a touchscreen device.

    The app provides:

    1. Ten snack sized chapters for easy learning.
    2. Bite sized flashcards to memorize key concepts
    3. Simple quizzes to test your Windows knowledge.

    Designed for both new and experienced Windows users.

    Chapters cover:

    Windows 8.1 Basics,
    The New Start Screen,
    The Traditional Desktop,
    Programs, Apps, and Documents,
    Using the Internet,
    Connecting with e-Mail or Social Networks,
    Connecting to a Network,
    Playing with Music and Photos,
    Windows 8.1 Troubleshooting,
    Tips for Touchscreen Users.

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