Witchcraft Glossary

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    The Witchcraft Glossary provides you with all of your witchrcraft/wicca/pagan definitions, but it also takes it a step further!

    Inside this app is a full listing of all known witch burnings, as well as a witchcraft F.A.Q, addressing the following questions:

    What is a Witch? What is Witchcraft?
    Do you pray? Who do you pray to?
    Are you Satanists?
    What about evil? What are your ethics/morals?
    Do you do animal/human sacrifices?
    Do you have gurus, leaders, priests, masters?
    What do you think happens after death?
    What is your magic? Does it work? How?
    Do you do Black Magic?
    Do you cast spells?
    How do you worship?
    What are your holidays?
    What do you do then?
    How many of you are there?
    Do you raise your children in this?
    How do you become a Witch?
    Where can I find out more?
    Can I cast a spell on someone without their knowledge
    Can you teach me to be a witch

    This app is a must have to address all of your definition needs and provide relevant information about the journey as a Wiccan.