With Spurs of Gold

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    With Spurs of Gold

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    These brief historical sketches were written primarily for young people, though it is hoped that some older readers may find pleasure in renewing their acquaintance with heroes of chivalry whose names are familiar still, but whose deeds are recalled to mind but vaguely.

    It is the purpose of the book to enliven the study of history by giving the romantic details omitted in text-books, and to enable the readers to form a more vivid and lifelike conception of the great men with whom it deals and the turbulent and picturesque times in which they lived.

    In the preparation of the book many histories, chronicles, and legends have been consulted, and it is hoped that a fair degree of accuracy has been attained where the narrative belongs to the domain of history.

    The stories of Roland and the Cid, of course, are largely legendary, and there is evidently a considerable admixture of fiction in the contemporary accounts of Godfrey and Richard.

    Here are the heroes and their stories:

    ★ This is the Rule for the Gallant Knight
    ★ A Steed! A Steed!
    ★ Roland and Oliver
    ★ The Cid Rodrigo Diaz de Bivar
    ★ The Cid's Wedding
    ★ Godfrey and the First Crusade
    ★ The Troubadour
    ★ The Carrier Dove
    ★ The Captive Knight
    ★ Richard Cœur-de-Lion
    ★ Richard's Lament
    ★ The Last Crusader
    ★ The Chevalier Bayard
    ★ Sir Philip Sidney
    ★ Sidney in Tournament

    With Spurs of Gold - Heroes of Chivalry and their Deeds