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    "For a different look at a popular theme, you can't go wrong with Wolfpact: Endangered Love. Milla and John kept me on the edge of my seat and blushing like a virgin!" --Joyfully Reviewed

    The first time supermodel and secret animal rights activist Milla Cavanaugh crosses paths with handsome country veterinarian John Draper, he isn't entirely what she'd call human. Draper has been appointed to lead a secret society of shape shifters who've been targeted for death by a rogue faction seeking to control the ancient ability to transform into wolves. If Draper fails, the enemy will become masters over all of the Earth - leading to global catastrophe and destruction for any who oppose them.

    Milla is instantly drawn into a terrifying struggle being fought on two fronts: the first, via the ancient evil forces determined to kill Draper and usurp his power, and another being waged inside her own endangered heart, which has fallen head-over-heels in love with a werewolf.

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