Works of Andrew Lang



Table of Contents

Fairy books

The Blue Fairy Book (1889)
The Red Fairy Book (1890)
The Green Fairy Book (1892)
The Yellow Fairy Book (1894)
The Pink Fairy Book (1897)
The Grey Fairy Book (1900)
The Violet Fairy Book (1901)
The Crimson Fairy Book (1903)
The Brown Fairy Book (1904)
The Orange Fairy Book (1906)
The Olive Fairy Book (1907)
The Lilac Fairy Book (1910)
Children's books (as editor)

The Nursery Rhyme Book Illustrated by L. Leslie Brooke
The Red Romance Book (or The Red Book of Romance) Illustrated by Henry J. Ford
The Red True Story Book Illustrated by Henry J. Ford
The True Story Book Illustrated by L. Bogle, Lucien Davis, H. J. Ford, , C. H. M. Kerr, and Luncelot Speed
The Book of Romance
Novels & Stories

Adventures Among Books
Angling Sketches
Arabian Nights Illustrated by Henry J. Ford
The Book of Dreams and Ghosts
The Disentanglers
The Gold Of Fairnilee
In the Wrong Paradise and Other Stories
The Mark Of Cain
A Monk of Fife
Much Darker Days
Pickle the Spy
Prince Prigio
Prince Ricardo of Pantouflia
Tales of Troy: Ulysses the Sacker of Cities
That Very Mab with May Kendall
The World's Desire

Alfred Tennyson
Books and Bookmen
The Clyde Mystery. A Study in Forgeries and Folklore
Cock Lane and Common-Sense
Custom and Myth
Essays in Little
He (with Walter Herries Pollock) parody
Helen of Troy, her life and translation. Done into rhyme from the Greek books.
Historical Mysteries
Homer and His Age
The Homeric Hymns
How to Fail in Literature; a lecture
Introduction to the Compleat Angler
John Knox and the Reformation
Letters on Literature
Letters to Dead Authors
The Library
Lost Leaders
The Making of Religion
Modern Mythology
Old Friends: Essays in Epistolary Parody
Oxford: Brief Historical and Descriptive Notes
The Puzzle of Dickens's Last Plot
Shakespeare, Bacon, and the Great Unknown
A Short History of Scotland
Sir Walter Scott and the Border Minstrelsy
The Valet's tragedy, and other studies
Poetry Books

Aucassin and Nicolette
Ballads in Blue China
Ban and Arriere Ban
A Collection of Ballads
Grass of Parnassus
New Collected Rhymes
Rhymes à la Mode

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