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Table of Contents

List of Works in Alphabetical Order
List of Works in Chronological Order
Jules Verne Biography


The Adventures of Captain Hatteras
The Adventures of a Special Correspondent; or, Claudius Bombarnac
The Adventures of Three Englishmen and Three Russians in Southern Africa Translated by Ellen E. Frewer
All Around the Moon [sequel to From the Earth to the Moon] Translated by Edward Roth Illustrated
An Antarctic Mystery; or, The Sphinx of The Ice Fields) Translated by Frances Cashel Hoey
Around the World in Eighty Days Translated by Geo M. Towle
Dick Sand or, a Captain at Fifteen
Eight Hundred Leagues on the Amazon Translated by W. J. Gordon
Facing the Flag
Five Weeks in a Balloon or, Journeys and Discoveries in Africa by Three Englishmen Translated by William Lackland
From the Earth to the Moon and, Round the Moon Translated of Mercier and King
The Fur Country, Seventy Degrees North Latitude Translated by N. D'Anvers
Godfrey Morgan - a Californian Mystery Illustrated by Léon Benett
In Search of the Castaways; or the Children of Captain Grant
The Journey to the Interior of the Earth Translated by Frederick Amadeus Malleson
The Master of the World
Michael Strogoff or The Courier of the Czar Translated by Agnes Kinloch Kingston
The Moon-Voyage [Containing "From The Earth to the Moon," and "Round the Moon."]
The Mysterious Island Translated by Agnes Kinloch Kingston
Off on a Comet; or Hector Servadac Translated by Ellen Frewer
Robur the Conqueror
The Secret of the Island Translated by William Henry Giles Kingston, Illustrated by C.H. Barban and Jules Férat
The Survivors of the Chancellor Translated by Ellen E. Frewer
Ticket No. "9672" Translated by Laura E. Kendall
Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea
The Underground City, or The Black Indies, or the Child of the Cavern
The Waif of the "Cynthia"

Short Stories:

The Blockade Runners Translated by N. D'Anvers
A Drama in the Air Translated by George M. Towle
A Drama in Mexico Translated by W. H. G. Kingston
An Express of the Future
In the Year 2889
The Mutineers of the Bounty Translated by Agnes Kinloch Kingston
A Voyage in a Balloon Translated by Anne T. Wilbur

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